Biltuff 6ft Thai Punching Bag 14x72 125lb

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The famous 'banana bag'. 6 ft. long and 16 inch in diameter. A favorite for Muay Thai fighters, as it's tall enough to practice high-low combinations with kicks and punches. It's also thin enough to work on clinching knee strikes! Not a cheap import! Constructed in the U.S. from the finest materials by Biltuff. Features The famous 'banana bag'. 6 ft. long and 16 in. in diameter. A shell of industrial heavy weight 22 oz. vinyl impregnated nylon which is triple-stitched along all stress-steams. Resists weathering, stains, etc. Each bag is hand-stuffed to the firmness required for intense training with a custom blend of materials (no sawdust or paper!) Size - 16 x 72 Item Weight - 150LB.