About us

Since the early 1970’s, Biltuff has been a name associated with Industrial Strength Training Gear! Beginning with basic punching bags and shields, the line quickly expanded to include Bag Stands and other innovative training products. Veteran law enforcement officers and martial artists alike have relied on the Biltuff name for their equipment. Biltuff has, and will continue to build our reputation by providing American Made, High Quality, Innovative Products.

We manufacture a complete line of punching bags from the smallest ‘Head Shot’ bag to our Super 350©, the Largest Punching Bag on the Market! Shields, Striking Pad, and more! Every item is designed and constructed with the idea of being ‘Better than the Rest’. We use 22 oz. material when others use 18 oz, double-stitch when others single-stitch and triple-stitch when others double-stitch. We use oversize foam in our shields and hand-pack our bags. When you buy a Biltuff product, you can expect years of use (many owners of Biltuff products comment that the label is the first thing that finally wears out!)

A full line of punching/kicking bags from the 9” x 16” 10 lb HeadShot Bag, to the giant 35” x 60” 350 lb Super 350 Bag and every size in between. Each bag features a heavyweight vinyl shell reinforced with a nylon scrim which resists cuts, tears and weathering. Heavy web straps run the entire length of the bag. It is triple-stitched along all stress seams and hand-packed with a special blend of new, clean fiber material. Sand, sawdust or used materials are never used! Biltuff bags will take the hardest strikes and never settle! Special order bags of different sizes, weights and outer shell materials are available. Imagine a Shield or Striking Pad on Steroids and you have one made by Biltuff! Rest assured, when you see the Biltuff label, you have a product that is the Best!

With a strong background in the martial arts and law enforcement training, Biltuff brings the expertise necessary to find and/or develop serious training equipment for the pros! Biltuff is constantly testing new designs and products. Since we understand that the people that use our equipment sometimes have the best ideas, we also welcome new designs and ideas from instructors and trainers around the country.

Every product is built in the USA from the highest quality materials and backed by the Biltuff One Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Biltuff currently supplies equipment to gyms and individuals in the U.S., Canada and around the world.